Epic Late Summer Vegan Cupcakes

Unbaked Cupcakes l Epic Late Summer Vegan Cupcakes

I hate housekeeping. I hate it! And you can’t make me stop hating it!

But just like sands through the hourglass and the loads of laundry that refuse to clean themselves, some things are just inevitable.

So let’s hold hands and get through this next bit of housekeeping together…

Mashing Avocado l Epic Late Summer Vegan Cupcakes

First thing’s first:  the official SB about me page has been updated. And not just with rhymes! So if you want the 411 on yours 4 eva and eva, check things out here.

Second, two new pages have been added about The New Southwest, which in case you hadn’t heard will be dropping on October 15th. Please check back for updates on the book itself here, and information on the book tour here.

Next up, the SB recipe index has been converted to a visual index. You can let your eyes do the walking so your fingers can focus on the clicking. So easy! Find it here!

Next, a word on Pinterest, which we all know is taking over the universe. If I’m honest, I struggle a little bit with pinning. It’s all very overwhelming and makes me want to cry tears of too much precious perfection. But I’m a big girl and I’ve done the big girl thing:  I’ve updated my pinboards to hopefully represent one of the most comprehensive collections of Southwestern foods in the universe that Pinterest is taking over. There’s other food and even other stuff too. Follow my pinning here.

Finally, the official SB e-newsletter has received a well-deserved facelift:  it’s smooth, it’s sleek, and it’s easier than ever to get the newest SB updates sent straight to your Inbox and then share in any way you see fit. Looking good. You can subscribe here.

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Black Bean Sliders

Come on in, friends. Sit for a spell. Tell me what you’ll be eating for supper tonight…

It’s the weekend, and it’s fun to eat stuff during the weekend. You deserve it!

So maybe some cute lil’ sliders should be on the menu? But of course! And you don’t even have to think about the fact that they’re healthy!


I like sliders like this on the weekend because they’re super simple to prepare and they’re turbo fun to eat. You can pile them high with condiments and what have you, then jam a few into your face while you’re relaxing like a fool. No biggie.

Or you can keep it simple and enjoy yours with just a healthy dose of Ancho Ketchup, which is what I did here. And they were gone before I knew it! Abracadabra!

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