Black Bean Sliders

Come on in, friends. Sit for a spell. Tell me what you’ll be eating for supper tonight…

It’s the weekend, and it’s fun to eat stuff during the weekend. You deserve it!

So maybe some cute lil’ sliders should be on the menu? But of course! And you don’t even have to think about the fact that they’re healthy!


I like sliders like this on the weekend because they’re super simple to prepare and they’re turbo fun to eat. You can pile them high with condiments and what have you, then jam a few into your face while you’re relaxing like a fool. No biggie.

Or you can keep it simple and enjoy yours with just a healthy dose of Ancho Ketchup, which is what I did here. And they were gone before I knew it! Abracadabra!

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Texas-Style BBQ Sauce

Two things are on and popping in my house these days:  the Olympics and barbeque sauce. Not necessarily in that order. Occasionally at the same time.

And as with anything that’s trending in the Bakes household, both are frequently accompanied by vigorous debate as to the proper way to get things done.

With the Olympics it’s a question of event watching management (I’m all about women’s gymnastics, A.’s more of a track and field guy).

With the barbeque sauce it’s a question of sweet Kansas City-style versus vinegar-based Carolina sauce (I’m all about the tart vinegar, A. likes the sugary sweet).

Today, we’re keeping everyone happy with some Texas-style ‘cue sauce and an evening of Olympic water polo-watching.

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Texas Trash

I like old fashioned things. Do you like old fashioned things?

Antique tablecloths. Old school music. Leg warmers. Stuff like that.

Retro recipes are a particular favorite. So you best believe that when I stumbled across this gem at a local used book sale, I pounced.

It was published the year I was born!

And now, thanks to the lovely ladies of the Junior Service League of McAllen, Texas, I’m baking my way through some of the Lone Star State’s best.

Yee haw.

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