Mexican Mocha Milkshakes

Mexican Mocha Milkshake

Heat has happened here.
Sun sure’s scorching.
Temperature topped triples today.

It’s #*$%ing hot out.

Which probably explains why I’ve been craving frosty milkshakes like it’s my J-O-B.

I really like this particular milkshake because, although it has a bunch of different stuff going on -coffee, vanilla, melted Mexican chocolate, canela- it’s super simple to prepare.

Thick shake lovers take note:  if you owe your allegiance to dense straw-hating shakes alone, this one’s probably not for you; it is cold and it is creamy, but it’s looser than, say, soft serve ice cream.

Whatever. It’s refreshing. And that’s just what I need right now. Because, baby, it be blazing, boiling, blistering!

Mexican Mocha Milkshake

1 disk (3.15 oz.) Mexican chocolate, roughly chopped
1 pint vanilla ice cream
1 tsp. vanilla extract (preferably Mexican vanilla)
1/4 c. brewed black coffee (preferably Mexican café)
1 c. whole milk
whole canela sticks for garnish (optional, and whole cinnamon sticks may be substituted)

To melt Mexican chocolate, place pieces in a small microwave-safe bowl. Note that melting Mexican chocolate is simple:  because it is already so grainy in its solid form, there is absolutely no need for tempering. Instead, just microwave the chopped chocolate on high for one minute, followed by more microwaving, as necessary, in 15 second bursts, mashing with a fork in between. Two minutes of microwave time should be sufficient for achieving fully melted chocolate, which will be a thick, hot, shiny paste.

Place all ingredients, including melted chocolate, into the canister of a blender and blend to a uniform liquid. You can serve immediately, garnished with canela sticks, but I find that these shakes are even better after sitting in the refrigerator overnight.

YIELD:  approximately 2 servings


  1. 13


    It’s scorching hot here as well…it’s going to be like this til the end of the year and I could drink one of these every afternoon after my espresso and be very happy:))

  2. 12


    You know, I picked up a couple of those discs of Mexican chocolate at Whole Foods last week, never having tried it before and not quite sure what to do with it. Now I know! These shakes look luscious and I’m happy not to have to collapse a lung to enjoy it! Beautiful photos, too! : )

  3. 5

    Dalila G. says

    I could chug-a-lug at least two of those right now. :-)
    I am sooo into the Mexican chocolate.


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