It’s A Mini Le Creuset Giveaway!

Hey! Hey! Hey!

It’s time for another holiday giveaway!

This one’s coming at you from Le Creuset!

It’s always nice to engage in a little afternoon poe-tray!

Seriously, these adorable little pots are so festive and fun. And studies show that 9.2 out of 10 people enjoy eating even more when they can get their own little serving, right? Right.

Here are the details:  each baker in this set of 3 holds eight ounces and boasts Le Creuset’s classic glossy enamel glazing. These cocottes are dishwasher-safe, oven-safe up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, and this particular set comes in shades of pearlescent green.

Simply enter your name and email address or login via Facebook below, click on the big ‘+1′ buttons, and follow the instructions listed to enter to win – you can enter up to 20 times! You do not need to have a Facebook account to enter. Questions about this giveaway? Feel free to message me at meagan (at) scarlettabakes (dot) com.

So enter to win! Enter to win! Enter to win and, if you do, I bet you’ll, you know, grin!

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  1. 102

    Jayne says

    These are so cute! Even if I mess up the recipe, it will still look fabulous. Can’t wait to use them! think I will try some nice cheesy potatoes first.

  2. 99

    Priscilla says

    I will definitely be making some variation of mac and cheese in these little lovelies. My fiancé is deployed and all he talks about is getting to eat good food again and for some reason mac and cheese keeps coming up, lol. :-p

  3. 94


    Oooohhhhh I would love to make little individual bread puddings or cakes in each one…OH OR LAVA CAKES WITH CHILI OR SOMETHING IN THEM. Aaaannnnnddd then eat them all by myself.

  4. 81


    i will be making that breakfast casserole you posted yesterday—that looks really tasty and one my family would devour. Merry Christmas, Meagan!

  5. 80

    Kristin says

    Ohmigosh! I don’t know what I’d make first, I just know I’d be making something in them every day! They’re so cute!

  6. 65

    Sandy Kimbrough says

    I love making individual “pasta bakes”. made with homemade sauce, sauteed veggies and pasta or ravioli layers, they are delicious

  7. 26

    Hanna says

    I’m not sure what I would make; I’m just learning how to cook. But they’re so cute I would find lots of recipes right away!

  8. 20

    Dominique Brooks says

    Potato soup or a little pot of chili for me and my husband. The kids are not impressed with chili yet.

    Cool pots!

  9. 16

    Annie says

    LOVE the colors– festive but not TOO much so that they wouldn’t work any time of year.
    Who wouldn’t want their own french onion soup in one of these babies???

  10. 13

    Sarah R. says

    I basically love anything in miniature form. Can I make individual chocolate lava cakes in these? Does that go against some sort of savory-only Le Creuset rule? My alternate option is mac and cheese.

  11. 9

    Mariah says

    Maybe I’ll make mini-quiches in these or something — or heck, maybe I’ll finally learn how to make rice and use these!

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