It’s A Bouchon Giveaway!

12 Days

And on the third day of giveaways Scarletta gives to you…

Wait, why am I the only one singing? You’re part of this harmony!

OK. OK. I’ll stick to the chile roasting and tortilla stuffing, and get on with the giveaway-ing…


This book is a revelation. This book is a baker’s dream come true. This book is almost 6 pounds of inspirational fun with butter and flour.

Literally. The book weighs 5.7 pounds.

How can you not get excited about a book that weighs 5.7 pounds? It was meant to be on your cookshelf!

And lucky for you, I’ve got an extra copy that I want you to have a chance to win!

Simply enter your name and email address or login via Facebook below, click on the big ‘+1′ buttons, and follow the instructions listed to enter to win – you can enter up to 20 times! You do not need to have a Facebook account to enter. Apologies, but this prize can only be shipped to addresses located within the continental United States. Questions about this giveaway? Feel free to message me at meagan (at) scarlettabakes (dot) com.

…and a partridge in a pear treeeeeeeee!

Sorry – best enter now so that you’ll have a chance to win a copy of this most excellent book and so that I’ll stop singing already.

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  1. 67

    nicole says

    ginger molasses cookies and blueberry crumb bars are my two favorite things to bake. so simple but incredibly delicious and loved by everyone!

  2. 41

    Karen says

    Brownies. BTW. I saw this book at Barnes & Noble, couldn’t look at it though, it was wrapped in plastic. Bummed. Thanks for the giveaway.

    • CArol Spencer says

      I live to bake! Lately I am on a muffin kick. My passion is naturally fermented wood fired brick oven breads.
      I did a work experience @ amazing.Have you had the Chantilly cream beignets enrobed with dark chocolate ganache ..omg! orgasmic. I love Keller’s style and sensibilities.. His books rock and I ould love to add this to my collection.Love your blog Scarletta. Thanks for all the innovative and tasty recipes you share. HAppy Holidays :) Carol

  3. 35

    Jan says

    My favorite thing to bake is a Bundt cake b/c there good to snack on anytime of the day. Plus it always makes people smile when you bring a Bundt cake to a gathering and it’s the first to be devoured!

  4. 24

    rosemary says

    This is already on my Christmas Wish List! It would be great to get it early – PLUS I’m turning 40 on Christmas this year so it would be even more special to get this awesome book!

  5. 16


    My favorite thing to bake is either chocolate chip cookies or fresh bread. They both smell delicious in the oven and make people feel warm and cuddly!

  6. 13

    Melissa Aceves says

    OOOOhhhh Man!!!! This book sounds like a deliciously scrumptious & yummy!!! I’d love to have this & make great use of it during the holidays or any day

  7. 2

    Mariah says

    I don’t bake very often, but when I do, it’s usually drop cookies or peanut butter cookies. Although I do have a great recipe for baked banana and mango slices that’s just divine — especially in the summer!

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